About Us

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The UF Psychomotor and Surgical Skills Lab is the most modern and technologically advanced facility of its kind in the southeast United States. Our facility, in conjunction with our adjacent conference and surgical facilities, allows our clients to receive specialized training in performing and analyzing an array of medical and surgical procedures both current and experimental.

This educational research lab is available for use by procedural and surgically oriented physicians, medical professionals in training, scientists, and industry professionals. People have come from the world over to experience this first-class facility and to participate in the events we have hosted. The latest arthroscopy and microsurgical instrumentation and techniques can be demonstrated in the lab and broadcast to the adjacent conference facilities or streamed live over the Internet.

The Psychomotor and Surgical Skills Lab provides an ideal site for presentations and hands-on learning experiences for a variety of disciplines.

We are committed to providing a unique and valuable resource for physicians, researchers and medical companies. This setting is ideal for teaching new surgical techniques and increasing familiarity with new technology. We encourage you to browse our website to learn how we can help you schedule an event for your particular area of research or clinical practice. For more information on the Psychomotor and Surgical Skills Lab, please contact the facility manager, Chris Koenig, via the Contact Information section on the side panel.